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                Introduction ...

 Bob has been in Quality and Business Management for over 30 years and enjoys the involvement with people. From Working, Managing, Contracting and Consulting in the Aircraft and Nuclear Industries in the UK to the Automotive, Agriculture, Engineering, Plumbing, Wine Processing Industries and Disabilities Services within
Australia, Bob has a definite passion for his work. No job is too small, he is only too happy to discuss your opportunity with you. Working interstate for a few years Bob has networked with various industries, organisations and obviously people. Should there be an area that is unfamiliar with Bob then he will certainly move in the right
direction to help you out.; OH & S, Environmental, Legal Compliance.. these are seen in a similar light to Quality. They need to be systemised and even integrated to ensure each business is headed in the right  direction and again QQA can assist you.Business and Quality Management is not just systems and not just more paperwork it still needs people and people with certain skills and attributes.
We can help in all these ways.
Product Certification, both national and overseas companies, can also be obtained for Clients.From internal training to external training, we can assist. We can conduct the sessions ourselves or work closely with Educational Institutions to assist you in your training needs.Today more Companies, Businesses etc are now demanding at least Cert. IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.Bob has this and can assist your staff in obtaining it.
We look forward to hearing from you